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Our Process






Financial Planning and Management is an ongoing process that involves the following:

  • A potential client meets with a financial adviser to discuss their situation, needs, and aspirations.                        

  • We generate a tailored financial plan (commonly referred to as a Statement of Advice (SOA))  b                         

                                    to help achieve client goals.

  • We present our recommendations and discuss the rationale with the prospective client.                                              

  • Our recommendations are implemented, or a variation thereof, depending on client wishes.                              

  • We contact clients to review their circumstances and planning on a regular basis.                                                         

Step Two | We complete a tailored Financial Plan

We will formulate a plan based on the information provided to us. Our plan will be structured to assist in meeting goals and objectives. Tailoring a plan to meet a client's needs may take 2-3 weeks: we aim to provide a high quality service and therefore need the time to get it right the first time.

Step One | Meet with one of our Financial Advisers

This meeting, or however many meetings it takes, will give us an opportunity to get to know the prospective client and what their goals and financial aspirations might be. It also allows the prospective client to evaluate us as advisers. During this time we will be able to provide specific ideas about how we believe we can help and what the broad outlines of our strategy may look like. Following on from this, we will ask the prospective client if they would like us to complete a financial plan for them. We do not charge for the work we will complete in step one.

Step Three | We present a completed Plan

At this meeting we will present the financial plan which, among other things, will state client goals and objectives and provide a detailed solution to meet those needs. At the end of this meeting we will suggest that time is taken to digest our recommendations and the prospective client should then contact us to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.

Step Four | Implement the Plan

Implementing our recommendations (either as provided or as amended) can be the most time consuming step - it will obviously depend on what is involved. We will provide clients with an estimate of the time it is likely to take. Usually, we are able to minimise client involvement in this step, if that is our client's wish.

Step Five | Review the Financial Plan

We will contact our client to review their situation. Government regulatory changes, new products and strategies occur regularly and client's personal situations also change over time. A financial plan needs to cope with life's journey and continue to provide the best outcome - we are committed to seeing that occur.

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