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Holistic Financial Planning

The team at FinGuard Financial Planning are specialists in advice related to investments and superannuation, debt management and personal insurance.


We believe that these areas of focus comprise the bulk of client advice requirements. However, we are well versed with a broader range of advice capabilities such as Centrelink and Estate Planning strategies.

Our advice focus and expertise include, but is not limited to:

  • Investment & Superannuation

  • Debt Management                    

  • Insurance                                    

  • Gearing                                        

  • Centrelink                                    

  • Estate Planning                           

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Investment &


Debt Management


Service Inclusions



It is important to ensure that any clients who may qualify for Centrelink payments are able to structure their affairs to maximise the level of support without compromising their overall level of income. We are conversant with such structures and are able to effectively incorporate these into a client's plan.

Estate Planning

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney are an important part of a client's financial plan. If estate planning is structured correctly, tax may be saved and distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries may occur more quickly. Taking into account the uniqueness of family arrangements and issues is the responsibility of competent professionals such as solicitors and lawyers who draft Wills etc. We are able to guide clients to achieve their desired outcomes as we are aware of the issues that these professionals need to consider.


Gearing is simply borrowing to invest. Gearing has the potential to significantly increase clients' wealth and may also provide some tax advantages. Negative gearing occurs when the inflow from the investment income is less than the loan interest and other investment expenses. We specialise in strategies designed to provide positive net cash flows where the opposite occurs i.e. positive gearing.

Mortgage Loans

We advise on the best mortgage loan structure for our clients whether for a home, investment property or any other investment. We also assist clients in managing debt in relation to car and other personal finance as well as assisting their children when purchasing their first home.

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